Foundations of Startup Well-Being

As a startup grows, so does the complexity and the need for more people to learn how to manage the increased intricacies. Leaders become aware that they can no longer handle everything themselves and tensions can rise. We built the Foundations of Startup Well-being to support the development of skills and knowledge while attending to the needs of the individual. Rather than assuming that every manager or director is starting in the same place, we assess the specific needs and work with our clients to devise a training and development program that supports their culture and business goals.

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There are four primary areas of focus with specific support tasks. While each overall solution varies, our recommendations can include:

Know Thyself

  • Understand your life story: assumptions and beliefs
  • Identify gifts and gaps
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Practice self-care

Lead Others

  • Find your leadership style
  • Establish vision
  • Delegate effectively
  • Manage accountability

Develop a Team

  • Work with team dynamics
  • Learn the art of decision making
  • Leverage diversity
  • Learn nuances of communication

Build a Sustainable Company

  • Recognize the stages of startup development
  • Build the essentials for growth (finance, legal, HR)
  • Practice “Right-sized” planning
  • Create the desired culture

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