Leadership Program

Discovering Your True Leadership Style

It is possible to feel inundated with ideas and advice about how to lead others. You may have adopted the style of a previous manager. Perhaps you aspire to lead like one of your mentors. Possibly you have not had the time to even think about who you are as a leader. It is critical for you to connect to what is important to you and to lead from that place. This workshop provides an opportunity for you to explore, get feedback and experiment with new behaviors.

How Horses Help

Horses respond to what they sense and they naturally reflect this back to us. For them, authenticity and transparency are not just buzzwords. Horses never try to be someone other than who they are. Communicating in their non-verbal “language” they help us see and feel our leadership impact. This work can be subtle and it can bring abundant clarity. If you are interested in increasing your effectiveness as a leader, bring curiosity and an open mind to this experience.

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