Embracing the Unknown: An Introductory Workshop

With the constant barrage of information we tend to lose sight of the reality that there is much we do not know – about ourselves, about others and about our world. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore areas important to many of us – communication, relationships, and leadership. Through facilitated exercises with the horses and each other, we focus on what is occurring in the moment and how it applies to the areas of our lives that require our focus or that we want to improve.

Why Horses?

Horses and humans have evolved together over thousands of years. For reasons we understand and others that remain a mystery, horses have an uncanny ability to help humans learn. Their ability to naturally sense and react to what is going inside of us allows us to tap into ways of knowing that we may not be aware of or have ignored. While there is a growing body of literature in this field, nothing can replace the actual experience of learning together with horses as our willing partners.

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