Individuals and Partners

Whether co-founders or co-workers, two people who need to work together effectively can find themselves in a quagmire. There are helpful mental models and verbal techniques but they may not be as precise or powerful as what can be purely reflected by one of our horse partners. Though it can feel like magic, just by being themselves and responding congruently to what they are sensing in the moment, a horse can help shed light on a dynamic that has been difficult to break through.

Sometimes, the stuck point is within ourselves. Having the opportunity to relax into horse time while tuning into the many complex facets of being human can be a welcome relief. Our role as guides and co-facilitators with our horse partner provides a safe and confidential place to seek insights and untangle problems. In some situations, people have an “Aha!” moment and other times, it may be a week or a month until something becomes more clear to them. Such is the beauty and mystery of learning with horses.

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