Nancy’s Perspective

Many startups and their investors believe there is “one right answer.” If you find it you will be wildly successful. If not you will crash and burn. In my experience, there are a million ways that work to address any need. Companies are most successful when they can find a balance where they trust their own instincts but are open to other people’s feedback.

That is probably why I love working with startups: they are a collection of really smart, ambitious, creative people who are willing to take on the hard problems and find them exciting. I love working as part of the extended team in a process that brings together everyone’s good ideas behind a shared goal of growth. That means company growth and the growth of each person as an individual. I feel honored to be a part of watching people face their challenges and grow from them. And I always learn and grow along with them.


Nancy draws on her diverse background to discover and address individual and team needs. She has an MBA from Dartmouth and an MA and completed PhD coursework in Clinical Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology. Although no one who knows her now believes it, she also has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Occidental College.

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