Judith’s Perspective

As an eternal optimist, I have deep hope that collectively we humans have the potential to remedy the ills of the world. I have lived long enough now to know that it will not likely happen in my lifetime but for me, it remains a driving force. Within each of us there is a unique contribution towards making the world a better place. How we spend our time, the professions we choose and the roles we take on are all a learning ground for us to discover and increase our contribution.

When we come together, we spark new ideas and collaborate to bring them to fruition. That is why I love startups. The challenges are real and can be discouraging but exploring the possible is the spark that keeps me moving forward. I am committed to fueling the spark in others to the best of my ability. We really are all in this together.


Judith blends her background in psychology, business and leadership development with the new field of Equine Facilitated Learning to enhance her clients’ professional and personal development. She has an MS in Clinical Psychology, is a California-licensed psychotherapist (MFT) and a Certified Equine Interaction Professional (CEIP).

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