Perspective Squared

Nancy Raulston & Judith Forrest
There are certain pairings that are just meant to be. That is the case for us. It is not because we see everything through the same lens because we do not always. What we do share is a worldview whose core is faith in the ability of people to learn and grow and whose pillars are the values of respect, honesty and support.

We may have different ideas and instincts about how to approach a client’s challenge and we have come to trust that all our ideas are worth considering, even when we choose one over the other. For years, we have been learning and practicing how to listen deeply to one another, how to view something from the other’s perspective and how to stay open to possibilities.

This shared vision is what we bring to our clients. We do not proffer “expert advice,” though we have years of experience and expertise in the fields of business and psychology. We do not advocate a one-size-fits-all approach, though we have numerous models and tools from which to draw. We partner with our clients like we partner with each other – with full commitment to bring all that we know, along with a healthy dose of curiosity about what we do not know, to help our clients navigate their startup adventure.

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