Building Intentional Cultures

So much is written and talked about the topic of company culture, yet there is often limited understanding as to how culture develops and how it can be shaped to support the company’s goals. Our clients sometimes say, “We don’t have a culture.” The reality is that there is always a culture, it simply might not be one that really serves the people in the organization or the mission of the company.

We believe that culture emanates from the leadership team and from what they truly believe is important. If there is confusion or fragmentation or apathy on the leadership team, no social committee, company party or team building event will be enough to shift the culture. Employees are simply too savvy. Building your company culture is one of the most powerful differentiators you have.

These are some ways we can help:

  • Conduct a culture audit
  • Facilitate the development of genuine values, not ones that merely sound good
  • Align systems and processes to those values
  • Provide training and development to support values integration

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