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Every leadership role in a startup is stressful. Expectations are high, time and money are short and everyone believes their needs are the most important. There is no perfect leadership model, no guaranteed method to tackle challenges most effectively. Who you are as a leader is directly related to who you are as a person. While most academic or workplace training programs focus very little on self-discovery, self-awareness and personal development plans, we make it the centerpiece of your professional success.

Rather than coaching you to play the game, we guide you to strengthen your unique gifts. We support you through difficult decisions and share our honest observations. We measure our success on your growth and development.

Our experience as senior facilitators for the Stanford Business Schools Interpersonal Dynamics class proved one of the most powerful learning grounds of our careers. As underscored in this class, feedback is a gift. Leaders who believe in the value of feedback and practice it in their organizations enhance the growth and commitment of their people and ultimately their business success.

Our process working with startup leaders is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Working toward your best leadership potential could include:


  • Soliciting and interpreting feedback from a variety of colleagues
  • Our 360-degree assessment tool
  • Personality or behavioral style instrument use
  • Development planning and action follow-up
  • Coaching over a committed period of time

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