Guiding Principles

  • We rely on building relationships. We succeed when others know we truly want to understand them. Making a genuine connection is fundamental to change and growth.
  • We are skeptical of expert advice and anyone who always has the answer. We remain open to possibilities and view situations from multiple perspectives.
  • We advocate letting go of both worry and “getting it right.” We believe in experimenting and iterating to allow room for diversity of style and personality.
  • We prioritize connecting with nature and animals. It is crucial for human well-being to spend time outside and interact with the environment.
  • We honor and respect the “knowing” in each person, their own deep awareness of what is right for them.
  • We are each on our own life journey and are here on this earth to collectively discover, learn and evolve.

  • We are trained in psychology and like to have deep conversations. We also love to laugh and help make light of otherwise daunting challenges.

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