Expanding perspectives
Imagine you are in a raft with eight other people who, like you, were typically top of their class. The people paddling beside you are inventive, intense and hell-bent on finding a way to change the world for the better. This is the quintessential startup leadership team.These people inspired us to start Perspective2 in 2003. We were drawn to the dreamers, the risk takers, and the entrepreneurial spirit–and the unique ways it reveals itself. In 2017, these entrepreneurs still inspire us.

Over the years, we have identified wide gaps in our clients’ understanding of how to harness the creativity and will of others to identify problems and find solutions. We have learned that many leaders are not aware of the range of options available to them to cultivate the best contributions of their team members.

We do not subscribe to the expert model of Management Consulting where we tell you what you need to do. We respect that it is your adventure. We bring wisdom, experience and expanded perspectives to help you and your teams navigate the unpredictability of startup operations. We may not always know when there is a tree down around the bend but once in sight, we draw from a substantial toolkit to help you get around it and back into the flow.

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