It can be lonely at the top.

Founding a company is exhilarating. The desire to do so often comes from the founder’s sense of life purpose and deeply held values. Initial excitement carries them and their new company swiftly through uncharted waters. There is never a dull moment.

For many though, there is a time when the tremendous sense of responsibility begins to weigh heavily. Founders have told us how alone they feel; how exhausting it is to shoulder the expectations of employees, investors, customers and of their friends and family.

From our perspective, the startup founder’s journey is unique. To address this, we have created a guided experience for a group of four to eight founders to come together for shared learning and support. We will convene monthly over a six-month period of time combining evening sessions, individual coaching and two day-long outdoor learning experiences.

The next Founders’ Learning Journey begins in June. If this speaks to you, or if you know a founder who may be interested, contact us for more detailed information.

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